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Conference and Scheduling Services assists SIU Intercollegiate Athletics, SIU Colleges and other organizations in offering a variety of programs for youth ages 6 to 18. These camps are hosted by education professionals who are experts in their various fields.

Campers will enjoy air-conditioned meeting rooms and residence halls, and diverse catering and food court options. Campers often have access to the SIU Recreation Center which offers basketball and racquetball courts, indoor tracks, a climbing wall and an indoor Olympic-sized swimming pool, as well as access to other recreational activities. 

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Cancellation/Refund Policy: ALL requests for refunds must be submitted in writing. The registration fee, less a $15 cancellation fee, will be refunded if you cancel at least 7 business days prior to the camp. Any time after that date, refunds (less the $15 fee) will be issued for medical reasons only and must have a signed statement from your physician. If a medical cancellation request is not received by the last day of instruction, a refund will not be issued. Refunds are not given to campers who voluntarily leave camp or who are sent home for disciplinary reasons.

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  • Dinosaurs and Animals Throughout Time (Grades 1-3) June 5-9 • 9am-Noon
    Inspiration for this workshop comes from the creatures of the past and present. We will use these images and creations to communicate our stories whether fact or fiction. Drawing, paint, and clay will be used to explore our ideas.  
    FEE: $115
  • Art Material Expression (Grades 4-8) June 5-9 • 1-4pm
    Given an expression student will choose from different materials to communicate their ideas.
    Student artists will explore a variety of painting, drawing and sculptural and keep a journal for experimenting with materials and recording ideas. Individual expressions are shared to benefit the group's expanding knowledge of communication through art.         
    FEE: $115
  • Drawing and Painting Focus (Grades 6-9) June 12-16 • 9am-1pm
    This workshop will cover a variety of drawing and painting techniques. Advanced skills like perspectives, shading and composition will be explores as student are encouraged to study their own interested. Modern and Classical approaches are explored.             
    FEE: $135
  • Animals Around the World (Grades 1-3) June 12-16 • 1-4pm
    Draw, sculpt, and learn about animals all over the world. Use multiple art mediums to explore your favorite animals. Take from your experience at the zoo, family pets, farm, or inspiring broadcast, or just the imagination. Whether furry or slithery, animals inspire kids.
    FEE: $115
  • Ceramics Arts (Grades 4-8) June 19-21 • 9am-Noon
    Explore the amazing world of ceramics, Make and understand ceramic processes. Discuss designs. We will works with both hand building and on the pottery wheel. Coils, slab, scoring, slips, textures, and glazes are included. Functional and sculptural pieces are constructed with creative challenges added. Pieces will be fired in our kilns.
    FEE: $65
  • Wood Working (Grades 4-8) June 21-23 • Noon-3pm
    Learn how to follow a plan, cut out wood using hand tools, then nail and screw them together. Hand tools will be used with the exception of an electric drill. Including hand saw, coping saw, hammers, pliers, glue, and clamps. Projects include: Sculpture, boat, tool box, or bird house.
    FEE: $65
  • Art With Paper (Grades 4-8) June 26–29 • 9am-Noon
    Learn how paper is made around the world and its many uses. We will make our very own handmade paper using a Hollander Beater. Explore the world of paper. This workshop will include paper making, paper mache’, and origami. Paper engineering challenges will be a part of this workshop.
    FEE: $60
  • Pre-College and High School Art Workshop (Grades 10-12) July 10–14 • 9am-3:30pm
    An introduction to multiple art materials, methods, and art history. Creativity and exploration is key to this workshop. In depth training on the pottery wheel, soldering metal, and fused glass and other specialties.
    FEE: $190
  • Sewing for Kids (Grades 4-8) July 10–13 • Noon-3pm
    This fun hobby will give you a sense of self sufficiency. Make your own usable items. Learn how to hand stitch and how to use the basic operations of sewing machines as well as learn how to make a pillow, puppet, dreamcatcher, and bandana backpack.
    FEE: $75
  • Portrait and Figure Drawing (Grades 4-6) July 17–21 • 9am-Noon
    The human figure has always been at the center of many art works. This workshop will help demystify the skills required to draw the figure and portrait and convey the personality of the subjects. Instructors will provide in depth details examples. Models with be fully clothed.
    FEE: $115
  • Introduction to the Arts (Grades 1-5) July 24–28 • 9am-Noon
    Discover the world of Art around us. Environmental walks, plein air works will inspire us all to draw, paint, print, and sculpt. Experiment with multiple mediums and methods. Learn to sculpt with clay, and painting and drawing.
    FEE: $115
  • Working with Metal at the Craft Shop (Grades 7-12) July 24–28 • 9am-1pm
    Learn to work with wire, copper, and even sterling silver. We will be working with small metals and jewelry making methods. We will break out the wire to create a one of a kind sculpture!
    FEE: $160
  • Planets, Sun, and Eclipse Workshop (Grades 4-8) July 24–28 • Noon-3pm
    Paint 3 dimensional planets, Construct your own blinged out solar viewers. Build a water rocket that really works. Paint art works designed to represent our solar system inspired by our discussions and space exploration. Discussion on safe solar viewing. Create a solar reflector and more.
    FEE: $115

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