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Precision in Practice: Mastering Technical Adequacy for Effective Functional Behavior Assessments (FBAs) and
Behavior Intervention Plans (BIPs)

Join our content experts for an engaging and insightful one-day workshop designed to elevate your skills in conducting precise and effective Functional Behavior Assessments (FBAs) and crafting impactful Behavior Intervention Plans (BIPs). In this hands-on learning experience, participants will explore the intricacies of technical adequacy in FBAs and BIPs. Apply your knowledge through hands-on activities, case studies, and group discussions, ensuring practical insights that can be immediately incorporated into your professional practice. CPDU's will be offered when IEIN number is provided.

Registration is free and professional development hours will be provided. Continental breakfast and lunch is included.


The trainings will be held on campus at SIU, in the Old Main Room at the Student Center, 1255 Lincoln Drive, Carbondale, IL.

Select from one of the two dates listed below.

Tuesday - February 6, 8am - 3pm
Wednesday - February 7, 8am - 3pm

8-8:30am        Registration
12noon - 1pm  Lunch
3pm                End of training

Trainings are free

A continental breakfast and lunch are included. 


Register online by clicking on the date listed above or call 618/536-7751 to register by phone. Online registration closes one day prior to each event. 

Questions?  Please contact us at

STEM Education Research Center

The STEM Education Research Center at SIU seeks to organize and sustain a community of faculty and staff from across the university to collaboratively prepare the next generation of STEM educators, researchers and professionals and to advance STEM literacy at the local, state and national levels through interdisciplinary and integrative strategies in research, education and service. 

Providing Special Education Behavior Assessment Training (BAT) is one of our many projects providing a comprehensive, professional learning for special education personnel on culturally responsive Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) practices and Behavior Intervention Plans (BIPs) for students across all grade levels. Districts identified with a disproportionate rate of suspension and expulsion for students with disabilities will receive training and support on FBAs and BIPs. State-level guidelines will be developed, per 105 ILCS5/14-8.05, to address culturally responsive, evidence-based behavior interventions for students across all grade levels. 

This project is funded by the Illinois State Board of Education through an IDEA Part B Federal Grant.

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