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1st and 2nd Circuit

The First & Second Judicial Circuit Youth Council through a Conference Planning Working Group, has planned a one-day conference offering information, insight and continuing education credit for individuals involved with education, prevention, treatment and accountability for children at risk for abuse, neglect or delinquency as well as young offenders. The 2024 Kids, Courts, and Schools Conference in collaboration with educational institutions, judicial bodies, and community organizations, aimed at addressing the complex challenges facing the young individuals within our communities. Through a series of discussions and breakout sessions, attendees will gain valuable insights into innovative approaches and best practices for supporting juvenile development and enhancing their educational experiences. Experts from various fields including education, law, psychology, and social work will share their expertise and explore effective strategies for practicing positive outcomes for youth. Our hope is that participants will leave with actionable strategies and resources to better support the educational and developmental needs of juveniles in their communities.

  The primary purpose of this conference is to provide current and future prevention and treatment specialists, child welfare, social service, mental health workers, educators, juvenile justice professionals, law enforcement, guardians ad litem, foster parents, and other interested individuals with the latest and best informational and practical tools with which to enhance their effectiveness in improving the lives of Southern Illinois children by helping to protect them from neglect or physical or emotional harm, prevent them from developing emotional or substance abuse issues or delinquent behavior, and holding them accountable for delinquent and destructive behavior with proven recidivism-reducing measures.

Those attending the conference may choose their breakout sessions, each of which will feature presenters recognized for effectiveness in their areas of expertise. Topic titles include:

  •  Opening Plenary – Dr. Matt Buckman
  •  Mental Health First Aid
  •  McKinney-Vento
  •  Cyber Safety
  •  Truancy – Attendance Policies & Intervention Strategies
  •  Youth Substance Use & Treatment
  •  Psychological Evaluations
  •  CCBYS
  •  Grooming
  •  Gun Violence – Risk Assessment & Indicators
  •  DOJJ Re-Entry Services
  •  Working with Minority Youth
  •  Trauma and the Brain
  •  Closing Plenary – Michelle Denaul
ANYONE interested in the problems facing children today will find this conference useful. For up-to-the minute information on kids' issues and effective responses to their problems, please join your colleagues and fellow workers for children on May 23rd at the 1st & 2nd Circuit Kids, Courts and Schools Conference