SIU School of Music Preparatory Programs and Suzuki School

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SIU School of Music Preparatory Programs and Suzuki School

SIU School of Music provides opportunities for pre-college and community musicians to study their instrument or voice with highly skilled instructors in individual and group settings. SIU Conference Services handles registration for lessons and activities offered through School of Music Camps, Preparatory Program and Suzuki School. Private lesson fees are variable, depending on instructor training and experience. Instructor categories include SIU School of Music faculty (may require audition), Staff Instructor and Apprentice Instructor Levels 1 & 2. Staff and Apprentice Instructors are selected by SIU School of Music faculty and vetted according to Illinois state law. Level One Apprentice Instructors have completed at least one year of mentored teaching experience and/or have completed coursework in pedagogy related to their primary instrument or voice.

COVID 19 Guidelines:

In compliance with the governor’s Restore Illinois Plan and to contain the spread of COVID-19, the School of Music at SIU Carbondale plans to offer private music lessons. They will be using the following format:

  • Faculty/staff instructors will meet one-on-one with students for regular weekly private lessons. Meeting duration ranges from 20 to 60 minutes. Individuals involved per lesson: 1 instructor, 1 student; occasionally a piano accompanist, occasionally 1 observing parent/guardian (2 minimum/4 maximum).
  • Locations are limited to classroom spaces managed by School of Music Office Manager. This person will ensure at least 30 minutes air-exchange time before every lesson. Instructor will sanitize surfaces before and after each lesson (music stand, door knobs, keyboard if used). Hand sanitizer will be placed at entrance to every teaching classroom.
  • Distance of 1O feet will be maintained between individuals at all times, per marked designated location for each attending individual listed above. Instructor guides each individual to posted location during music lessons. Signaled will be posted at entrance to each teaching space.
  • Registrants have the option to choose private weekly lessons entirely online, alternating face-to-face/online, or face-to-face with online option if instructor or student goes into quarantine.

For more information about SIU Carbondale's COVID 19 response, click here