Illinois Junior Science and Humanities Symposium

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March 17 - 18, 2022

Hosted by the STEM Education Center, SIU Carbondale.

What is IJSHS?
IJSHS is a regional competition for high school students to compete in a regional humanities and science symposium and potentially advance to the national level (JSHS). The symposium is designed to challenge and engage students (Grades 9-12) in science, technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM). Individual students compete for scholarships and recognition by presenting the results of their original research efforts before a panel of judges and an audience of their peers. 

How do I participate?
In the fall, application materials are made available to all public and private high schools in the state of Illinois. Cook County (because of the concentrated population base, Cook County holds their own regional symposium at Loyola University).

Teachers should nominate students who have demonstrated an interest in and an aptitude for scientific studies. Each high school may nominate up to ten (10) students; additional student names may be submitted only on a space available basis.

Students may be nominated as a presenter or observer. Although the ten (10) students nominated from each school do not have to present, if students have completed a project, we strongly encourage you to submit a paper. We also strongly encourage students to participate as observers if they have an interest in completing projects in the future and are looking for ideas on how to get started.  

Example of a research paper

The IJSHS is a regional competition conducted under the auspices of the national Junior Science and Humanities Symposia program.

The primary aims of IJSHS are to promote research and experimentation in the sciences, engineering, and mathematics at the high school level, and to publicly recognize students for outstanding achievement and effort.  The major activities of IJSHS include:

  • Oral presentations of Original Research Papers by High School Students
  • Oral presentations during a Poster Session
  • Participants and observers will have access to a shared drive to view video submissions for oral and poster presentations throughout the day of the event.
  • Laboratory Visits (virtual panel discussion and Q&A with current SIU undergraduate researchers)
  • Opportunities to Meet Others Interested in the Sciences

Submission and Registration Deadlines.

  • Jan 28 - Teacher/Sponsor RSVP due.
  • Feb 11 - Student registration and research project deadline.  All students who wish to apply must register and submit an abstract and research paper reporting the results of their STEM research in CVENT.  
  • Feb 18 - SIU staff will notify students to confirm participation in oral or poster presentations.
  • Mar 1 - All remaning participants (family, observers, chaperones, parents, volunteers, STEM professionals,etc), complete registration. 
  • Mar 17 - 18 - Illinois Regional Symposium at SIU Carbondale.



Event Schedule

Day 1: Thursday, March 17
4-5pm, Arrive at hotel and check-in, (Holiday Inn, Lobby)
4-5pm,Travel to Student Center
5-7pm, Paper Session Practice & Poster Setup (Auditorium, Student Center)
7-8:30pm, Opening Ceremony (Old Main Room, Student Center)
8:30pm, Walk from Student Center to Reception
8:45-10pm, Reception
9:30-10pm, Travel to Holiday Inn

Day 2:  Friday, March 18 
7-8am, Breakfast (Holiday Inn)
8:15am, Travel to Student Center Auditorium
8:30-9am, Poster Setup
9-10:30am, Paper Presentations
11 a.m.-12pm, Poster Judging
12-12:45 pm, Lunch12:45-1:00 pm, Laboratory Scramble Intro
1:00-3:15 pm, Laboratory Visits
1:30-2:30 pm, Teacher Feedback
3:30 pm, Travel to Holiday Inn
5 pm, Travel to Student Center
5:15-7:15 pm, Award Ceremony Banquet


JSHS Sponsors

Visit the National Junior Science and Humanities Symposia Page for awards, abstract, photos, and more.  Registration is not yet live, please check back soon!


The United States Department of the Army has sponsored the Junior Science and Humanities Symposia (JSHS) program since its inception in 1958. The Departments of the Navy and the Air Force joined the sponsorship in 1995.

Specific cooperating organizations include:

  • The Army Research Laboratory's Army Research Office, Research Triangle Park, NC
  • The Office of Naval Research, Arlington, VA
  • The Air Force Research Laboratory, Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio
  • The Air Force Office of Scientific Research, Arlington, VA


Any Questions?

Please call or email one of the contacts below:

Duane J. Lickteig, IJSHS Director, 618/536-6666,

Conference Coordinator Rebecca Dycus at 618/453-1141 or


Coming soon. 

Nomination Form

Students who plan on entering the IJSHS competition should have their sponsoring teacher contact Rebecca Dycus at by Jan. 28.  The nomination form is an indicator to SIU staff that you plan on attending the event and is not an official registration for the event. 

Office JSHS Registration

Students presenters, student observers, teachers and chaperones, will need to complete the official registration through CVENT in order to attend the virtual IJSHS competition. We encourage all who plan to attend to start the registration process as soon as possible.  Deadlines for registration are listed in the blue boxes above.   You may start the registration process and edit or complete the process at different times.  Once you create your account, be sure to keep your login information in order to access the registration at a later date.