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The first LEGO brick was produced in 1949 and 75 years later, those little bricks can still become anything a child imagines.  Godtfred Kirk Kristiansen, the founding father of the LEGO® System of Play, believed that children should not be offered ready-made solutions, instead they needed something different that would strengthen their imagination and creativity. He devised the notion that a range of toys should fit together to form a system, in order to create a toy with value for life.  LEGO campers will engage their creativity systematically by cultivating the relevant mindsets behind the creative process.  LEGO play develops:

• Curiosity - triggers our imagination
• Mental readiness - fuels our imagination
• Confidence - allows us to experiment with our imagination
• Positive framing - helps us see where our imagination can be useful
• Commitment - makes us willing to preserve in shaping our imagination into something new, surprising and valuable

SIU LEGO Camps create engaging learning experiences in science, literacy, math, and social studies. Using the LEGO Education in combination with these activities, students will be inspired to think critically, problem solve and be creative.

Families enrolling more than one child will receive a $25 discount on additional LEGO Camp registrations for siblings.  Please contact our office to register multiple siblings or mail/fax registrations together and note the discount request.  This discount is for LEGO camps only and is not available for online registration. 

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LEGO Camp Founder

Jon Davey directed Kid Architecture and LEGO Camps for 38 years.  Starting his career in the School of Architecture-University of Wisconsin, he later joined the SIU Carbondale Architecture Studies and Interior Design Programs, as a teacher of architecture and design.  Awarded department Teacher of the Year five times and college Teacher of the Year twice; Distinguished Faculty award twice and college Scholar of the Year.

Davey had a special concern with inspiring young people to be creative and have fun while learning, his legacy lives on in the annual summer LEGO camps taking place each June.