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Learning another language is important for personal or professional development as well as connecting with other people and the world around us. Students will have the opportunity to take a variety of continuing education non-credit courses. The majority of the listed courses are as low as $115 and last up to 6 weeks. These courses are intended for high school age and adult learners. There are also self-paced options available for some courses.

Start Dates

Varying and dependent on course. Click on each course to see specific price and start date.


Participants must have ability to read at an 8th grade level. No advance knowledge of subject is required to take a course with the exception of advanced or second/third tier language courses for which some experience and background if recommended. Courses may list specific software or other requirements for course. For more information, click on course link.

Format for JER Online courses

  • Courses vary in formats and needs. For specific information, click on each course.
  • For some courses, there is a paper or project to be turned into an instructor.
  • For other courses, there are quizzes or assessments after each lesson and/or module.
  • Some courses allow for self-directed work and do not require that you take a test. Apply what you have learned to your own projects.

Format for Ed2Go courses

  • Instructor-Led courses are designed for group learning with an instructor moderated discussion board. There is no set meeting time just participation with the instructor and group using this format.
  • Each online course has 12 lessons available on the Internet. Two lessons are released each week for six weeks on Wednesdays and Fridays. After the final lesson is released at the end of six weeks, a final examination will be released and available for two additional weeks.
  • Each lesson takes approximately two hours to complete and includes interactive quizzes, assignments, tutorials, and online discussion areas.
  • You may take each lesson any day of the week and any time of the day or night within a 7-10 day grace period from the day the lesson is first available.
  • If you want a record of your participation in the class, you will need to take the first quiz, and it is suggested that you take the quiz at the end of each lesson.
  • You are required to take the final exam for the course if you want a completion certificate.

Registration Options

  • Register online with credit or debit card via the course link. Payment online is easiest and preferable for continuing education courses.
  • To pay with cash or check, email svanvoo@siu.edu for a passcode and payment process.


Please call the Conference and Scheduling Services office at 618-536-7751 or email conferenceservices@siu.edu.