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Unearthing History: Archaeology Camp

Explore SIU: Unearthing History Archaeology Camp

June 9-14, 2024

Explore what remains of the historic Bostick Settlement by participating in an archaeological dig during the day, then explore a college campus in the evenings. The Bostick Settlement is one of several farming communities created in southern Illinois by formerly enslaved people following the U.S. Civil War. Participants will learn about the daily lives of 19th century African Americans by excavating the remains of one of the settlement’s farmsteads. 

The camp will involve daily hiking through the hills of the Shawnee National Forest, digging at a real archaeological site in the forest, and nightly activities on the SIU campus. Possible side quests include trips to other local archaeological sites and the Center for Archaeological Investigations Curation Center. Learn about Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), Geographic Information System (GIS), and how to conduct an archaeological dig that uses the latest in technology in addition to the traditional excavation and mapping techniques.

Camp Registration

Date: June 9-14
Grades: 9-12
Cost:  $600 Overnight, $500 Commuter
Time: Sunday - Friday.
Drop-off Sunday afternoon and pickup Friday afternoon.


Register by phone at 618/536-7751.

Complete the form.
(Return form in-person, by fax, mail or email.  Please do not send credit card information through email.)


Camp Release Form
The Camp Release Form is required for camp participation and must be received in our office prior to camp beginning.