Speaking and Listening in English as a Second Language

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What is it?

The Speaking and Listening Program give the spouses of international students, primarily, an opportunity to learn to speak and/or understand the English language.  It is a special non-credit program that gives one an opportunity to learn the English language.

Who can participate?

Anyone who would like to gain a better understanding of speaking and/or understanding the English Language is welcome to participate. Students taking this class should have a basic knowledge of English grammar and vocabulary.

What is the cost?


When can a student register for Speaking and Listening?

A student must be registered by Monday, September 4.

Registration Process for Student

  1. Download the Speaking and Listening form
  2. Fill out the registration form
  3. Return from to Conference and Scheduling Services Office on the 2nd floor of the Student Center
  4. Submit payment via check or cash