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Southern Illinois University Disability Support Services seeks to offer Online Continuing Education Coursework for Sign Language Interpreters.  The training is available from the comfort of your own home. The 5-week format (approximate 4 hours per week) is flexible to accommodate your schedule. Participants will analyze DVDs, articles, video clips and discussing reactions with your peers. Core video content is presented in ASL, while supplementary materials are captioned. The course offers an excellent chance to discuss variables that influence our work with colleagues from all over the United States and perhaps even other countries.

Continuing education courses for Sign Language Interpreters seek to foster an environment of mutual respect that is free of bias and discrimination.  Please be mindful the everyone has a different level of education and experience.  Let these courses be an encouraging place for those with less experience and more questions. 



2022 Course Offerings: 

Educational Interpreting and Ethics
January 24 - Februrary 27

Educational Interpreting and Ethics is a 5-week, self-paced, online course intended to stimulate discussion of current trends and ethical issues in educational interpreting. The five units will include information presented in video or written format covering topics including language models, ‘motherese,’ prosody, interpreters as related service providers, IEP development, Code of Professional Conduct, social development and language deprivation. We will discuss significant developmental milestones in different age groups and how that affects interpreting. There will be an ethical issue presented and discussed each week through an online discussion board. 

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