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Community Listener's Permit Program (CLPP)

The impetus for the Community Listener's Permit Program (CLPP) is that of a commitment to lifelong learning and community service. The CLPP opens the classrooms of SIU Carbondale to the community. It is a special non-credit program that gives one an opportunity to participate in numerous SIU credit courses.

What is the purpose?

  • This program offers opportunities for professional and personal continuing education. It allows participants to experience the university classroom in a stress free manner, without examinations or grades.
  • The program can also help prospective students decide areas of study they might wish to pursue in the future.

Who can take part?

  • Anyone not currently enrolled for credit in any university-level course can take part in this program.

How does it work?

  • You must first contact the instructor for permission to attend the class of your choice. Then register with Continuing Education and Professional Development, and then show your card to the class instructor.
  • Individuals enrolled in the program have access to purchasing a 50% discount for the Morris Library Courtesy Card from Morris Library. To purchase the Courtesy Card, individuals need to show their Community Listener’s Permit Card at Morris Library.

Are there any limitations?

  • Yes, a few. . . Classes in which a danger may exist for the listener, classes that have full enrollment, classes where added direct expense may be incurred by the university (most laboratory classes), classes that require access to a university computer, all classes in the schools of Medicine and Law, and noncredit courses offered by Continuing Education and Professional Development.
  • All courses must have approval from the course instructor. Instructor's Approval Form is available below.
  • Participating in this program does NOT give one access to online course material or assignments.

Community Listener’s Permit Application

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