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Meet Our Coordinators

Leslie Brock

Sarah VanVooren is the Associate Director of Conference and Scheduling Services. She has managed that department since its creation in 2015 and has been at SIU since 2011. In the past, Sarah worked at Purdue University as the Assistant Director of Operations for Recreational Sports and Services from 2008 – 2011. Sarah oversees the Conference and Scheduling Services department and also works with clients to plan events in the Student Center, plan camps and conferences as well as facilitate summer housing.

Sarah Junk

Sarah Junk, B.S., (Southern Illinois University). Sarah has been a Scheduling Coordinator since 2005, and has worked in the Student Center Conference & Scheduling Services Office since 2000. She has been with SIU Carbondale for 20 years. Sarah's passion is to see events from conception, to visualization, to implementation and completion. Sarah has worked with thousands of people throughout the years with any kind of event you can imagine, from small meetings to galas, to weddings, to funerals.

Jackie Welch

Jackie Welch, B.S., (Eastern Illinois University) M.S., (Southern Illinois University).
Jackie has been a Conference Coordinator since 2006, and worked in a variety of different capacities at Conference and Scheduling Services since 2000. She has been with SIU Carbondale for 25 years. Jackie plans conferences and camps on and off-campus, and is the Association Manager of the Illinois Entrepreneurship and Small Business Growth Association.

Jackie Welch

Rebecca Dycus, B.B.A. (Northeastern State University, OK) M.S., (Southern Illinois University).
Rebecca has been a Conference Coordinator since 2018, and has worked on the Carbondale campus since 2007. Rebecca plans conferences, camps and assists with scheduling.